Property management reimagined

It’s no secret that property management has lacked innovation and been largely immune to the disruptive forces that have provided new and improved services and offers for customers in many other industries.

There are approximately 25,000 real estate agencies in Australia, with the overwhelming majority focused on sales rather than property management. Property management is often considered the ‘poor cousin’ of sales in a real estate agency, with it often being used as a training ground for junior staff before moving them to the sales team.

Even those agencies that do take property management more seriously, often have too few properties under management to meaningfully invest in technology, systems, and processes. The upshot is that for most property owners, the property management experience is not as good as it should be.

The core issue that leads to poor property management experiences for property investors is the tendency for agencies to have an overstretched property manager doing all tasks across all properties that they manage.

A property manager is tasked with responding to tenant queries and requests (which are often more frequent than property owners realise), liaising with the owner and keeping them informed in relation to their property, arranging maintenance and repairs and liaising, as well as leasing and marketing the property, which includes attending open for inspections, key handovers and collating the documentation required for this to occur, such as incoming inspections, lease preparation, key handover and bond lodgement.

Additionally, property managers also complete routine inspections, which is a time consuming but essential task, as well as ensuring that any issues identified in the inspection report are remedied to protect the owners’ interests. When you multiply this across more than one hundred properties that a property manager is often responsible for, it is clear why the service of many agencies often leaves a lot to be desired.

The team at Certainty Property have reimagined the property management experience by flipping that approach on its head. All our clients receive a dedicated property manager who is responsible for managing their property and is their point of contact. Each property manager also has a team of leasing managers, with a sole focus on securing the best tenants possible by running intelligent leasing campaigns and working with the property manager to thoroughly vet prospective tenants.

When it comes to maintenance, we have a dedicated maintenance manager that is solely focused on resolving maintenance requests. By having a dedicated point of contact for maintenance, we can really understand maintenance issues to ensure they are resolved as promptly as possible.

We have deep relationships with qualified, trusted trades that ensure our clients are not subject to dodgy quotes or unnecessary work, and we provide our clients with the ability to talk directly to the trades working on their property so they can make informed decisions.

Our different property management approach means we have happier owners and tenants, and a team of specialist experts that truly understand the issues that impact your investment property.

If you would like to upgrade your property management experience, please leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch within the same business day.