No arrears

We pay the rent when your tenant falls into arrears

We take managing arrears seriously. That’s why we pay them ourselves

Arrears protection

Property managers love to talk about how they effectively manage arrears and keep them to a minimum. We go much further. Rather than rely on empty platitudes, if your tenant falls into arrears whilst we are managing your property, we will pay the arrears out of our own pocket. Does your property manager?

Peace of mind

Many property investors believe that they won’t be impacted by rental arrears because they haven’t in the past. Unexpected hardship can befall tenants with the best intentions and an otherwise unblemished rental history. Our rent guarantee means you never need to worry about this happening to you.

Skin in the game

As we pay the rent ourselves when a tenant falls behind, we have a strong incentive to secure the highest quality tenants and keep them. This is completely different to the incentive structure of legacy agents which accrue fees when a delinquent tenant is evicted and charge when the property is leased again.

Did you know?

According to Domain, at any given time one in ten tenants are in rental arrears. Over and above the potential financial loss this creates enormous stress and uncertainty for property investors who have obligations such as mortgage repayments they need to make. By paying rental arrears ourselves we remove this risk for our clients in a way other property managers simply do not.

Our happy clients

Owners and tenants that love their property manager. This is what happens when you do things with Certainty.
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I would like to thank Cameron and Simon and their team, they have been very helpful, professional and honest. I didn't even notice when the tenant had fallen into arrears. The team acts so quickly and paid me the rent on time. It was greatly appreciated

Teck T

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The Certainty Property team has been an excellent choice. They are extremely professional, communicative and have honoured the rental guarantee when our property became vacant.

Eduardo V


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4.8 out of 5 based on 823 reviews

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Common questions we’re asked about our arrears protection

Tell me more about Rent Certainty?

Rent Certainty is for serious property investors that understand the impact vacancies, arrears and falling rents can have on a property’s return.

Under the traditional agency model, if your property is vacant or your tenant fails to pay the rent, that’s your problem. We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we’re the only property manager in Australia to offer Rent Certainty.

Do you really pay the rent when my tenant is in arrears?

Yes. Our different property management approach means we deal with rental arrears completely differently to other property managers.

One of the fundamental responsibilities of a property manager is to ensure your tenant’s rent is paid on time. When a tenant falls into arrears we step in and pay the rent ourselves.

By having skin in the game, we have a strong incentive to do everything we can to bring the tenant up to speed and maximise your income. If we fail to recover the funds from the tenant, we wear the loss ourselves.

How are you able to pay the rent when my property is in arrears?

We’ll let you in on a secret. Even though you pay a property manager to look after your investment as they would their own, they don’t really take it as seriously as you would. After all, it’s not their money.

Our different property management approach means unlike other property managers when a tenant falls into arrears it is our money at stake. We take it seriously. That’s why we have one of the lowest tenant delinquency rates in the market.

What about pricing?

Rent Certainty is distinct from our fixed fee offering of $35 per week known as Fee Certainty. As the extra payments we make to our clients are determined by the value of the property and the risk profile of the property itself our pricing is percentage based.

For example, an owner of a $1,000 per week property would receive twice the amount of additional rent than the owner of a $500 per week property. Percentage based pricing ensures that our fees are charged in accordance with the benefit we provide to our clients and the risk we take.

Why won’t my current property manager pay the rent when my property is arrears?

That’s a question you should ask them! Perhaps they don’t back themselves like we do. Unfortunately, very few agencies take a truly innovative approach to property management and take your business for granted believing you won’t switch.

Perhaps they believe they can promise the world and deliver an atlas and you won’t seek out better service. The fact that you are reading this means that they might just be wrong.

Are there any terms I should be aware of?

The full terms of our rent guarantee are detailed in our Management Agreement and Guarantee Annexure. If you’d like to find out more, please click here.

How do I find out more about Rent Certainty?

Rent Certainty is a unique product, and we understand you may have some questions. Simply leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch before close of business.