About Certainty

How we began

Certainty Property was founded by two entrepreneurs who had a deeply held belief that property management should be done differently. The idea behind our approach is simple. Property managers should have skin in the game in providing their clients with highest levels of service rather than simply acting on an agency basis..

Our comprehensive rent guarantee

We offer Australia’s most comprehensive rent guarantee. Known as Rent Certainty, we pay the rent when your property is vacant. We pay the rent when your tenant falls into arrears. We also top up rents when they fall and pass-through rent increases.

To offer such a unique rent guarantee, we’ve built an industry leading organisation that consistently delivers an exceptional experience to our landlords and tenants alike. We have a proprietary approach to leasing that ensures we quickly find the best tenants and then keep them. If we don’t, we pay the rent instead..

Our fixed fee model

For those not looking to utilise Rent Certainty, we have a full-service, low fee offering called Fee Certainty. For just $30 per week our clients have their own dedicated local property manager and unrivalled service..

Fee Certainty

Full-service, low fee property management for just $30 per week. Receive a dedicated property manager and the highest levels of service.

Fee Certainty – Just $30 per week
Local property managers – Your local agent with a difference
The best tenants – Your tenants are thoroughly vetted
Quality maintenance – Transparent, easy and accountable

Rent Certainty

Australia’s most comprehensive rent guarantee. We pay the rent when your property is vacant or your tenant is in arrears, and top up rents when they fall.

Rent Certainty – A comprehensive rent guarantee
Vacancy protection – Rent paid during vacancies
Arrears protection – Rent paid if tenant falls behind
Rent top ups – Additional rent when rents fall