Rent Certainty

Rent Certainty is Australia’s most comprehensive rent guarantee

We pay the rent ourselves when your property is vacant, or tenant is in arrears and top up rents should they fall.

Vacancy protection

When your property is vacant, we pay the rent. You can imagine how seriously we take finding you a great tenant promptly when we’re paying the rent ourselves. Our vacancy protection takes the stress out of leasing your property and removes extended periods without rent.

No arrears

We pay the rent if your tenant doesn’t. As we pay the rent ourselves when a tenant is in arrears, we have an incredibly comprehensive tenant vetting and arrears management process. Our arrears protection means you never have to worry about a tenant falling behind.

We top up your rent

If your rent falls, we’ll top it up ourselves. We also pass-through rent increases so you’re always receiving market rent or better. Our rent guarantee ensures volatile and falling rents are a thing of the past.

Our happy clients

Owners and tenants that love their property manager. This is what happens when you do things with Certainty.
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The Certainty Property team has been an excellent choice. They are extremely professional, communicative and have honoured the rental guarantee when our property became vacant.

Eduardo V

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The inspection reports I’ve received have been excellent. With hundreds of pictures and agent comments, I can really get a feel for the state of my property. Fortunately, it’s always been kept in good nick by our tenants.

Helen G

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

Absolutely recommend Certainty Property! These guys are fantastic and are always happy to attend my properties at short notice when required. From the initial engagement, to the follow up, to the management of our investment they have been brilliant. They look after us and our tenants and we are extremely happy to have such a professional team looking after our assets.

Lisa H


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4.8 out of 5 based on 515 reviews

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Common questions we’re asked about Rent Certainty

Tell me more about Rent Certainty?

Rent Certainty is for serious property investors that understand the impact vacancies, arrears and falling rents can have on a property’s return.

Under the traditional agency model, if your property is vacant or your tenant fails to pay the rent, that’s your problem. We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we’re the only property manager in Australia to offer Rent Certainty.

Do you really pay the rent when my property is vacant?

Yes. Certainty Property will pay the rent when your property is vacant subject to the terms of our rent guarantee for Rent Certainty clients. This is a very different property management proposition provided by most agencies where you don’t receive rental income when your property is vacant.

What happens if my tenant falls into arrears?

Property managers love to talk about their arrears management processes and systems. However, if you ask them if they will pay the rent if the tenant does not, they won’t put their hand in their own pocket to ensure you’re made whole. Not us. We’ll pay the rent ourselves if your tenant falls behind, so you never have to worry about late payment again.

How does your rent top up work?

It’s our job to get you the most rent we possibly can. If rents fall, from one tenant to the next we’ll pay the difference out of our own pocket. If the existing tenant is paying $500 per week and moves out, and the best rent we can achieve is $470 per week, we pay the $30 a week difference ourselves.

We seek rent increases for our clients every year. When they’re achieved, we pass these rent increases through to you, so you always receive market rent or better.

What about pricing?

Rent Certainty is distinct from our fixed fee offering of $30 per week known as Fee Certainty. As the extra payments we make to our clients are determined by the value of the property and the risk profile of the property itself our pricing is percentage based.

For example, an owner of a $1,000 per week property would receive twice the amount of additional rent than the owner of a $500 per week property. Percentage based pricing ensures that our fees are charged in accordance with the benefit we provide to our clients and the risk we take.

Why don’t any other property managers offer a comprehensive rent guarantee?

That’s a question you should ask them! Very few agencies take a truly innovative approach to property management and take your business for granted believing you won’t switch. The fact that you are reading this means that they are probably wrong. Our different property management philosophy is all about getting you the best outcomes possible.

This is completely different to my property manager?

Our different property management approach is about a complete commitment to accountability and getting the best results for our clients.

Whilst different property managers provide platitudes about how much they care about your business, we are the only property manager to back ourselves in offering a comprehensive rental guarantee that covers vacancies, arrears and falling rents.

What is the difference between your rent guarantee and landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance protects you against risks that may happen, such as a tenant damaging your investment property. We always recommend landlord insurance.

If you own investment property for an extended period, you will almost certainly encounter a period where your property is vacant, your tenant is in arrears, or where rents have dipped.

Landlord insurance policies typically cover rental default, but there is not a single policy that pays the rent when your property is vacant when a tenancy comes to its natural end or tops up your rent when rents fall.

Are there any terms I should be aware of?

The full terms of our rent guarantee are detailed in our Management Agreement and Guarantee Annexure. If you’d like to find out more, please click here.

How do I find out more about Rent Certainty?

Rent Certainty is a unique product, and we understand you may have some questions. Simply leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch before close of business.