Lock in your rent

When rents fall we top up the difference ourselves

We also pass-through rent increases so you always receive market rent or better

No rent reductions

Rents decline more often than investors realise. In fact, according to Domain rents have declined in traditionally strong markets such Sydney and Melbourne in three out of the last five years. Consider that just a small rent decrease of $20 per week equates to $1050 per year in lost income. When rents fall, we top up the difference ourselves.

Regular rent increases

It’s our job to maximise the rental income you receive from your investment property. Every year we perform rent reviews and where market conditions allow secure rent increases. Unlike other rent guarantees, we pass these rent increases through to you. As we top up rents when they fall this means you are guaranteed to receive market rent or better.

Peace of mind

No property investor wants their income to decline because of changes in market rent. We remove that market reality by topping up the rent when rents fall. It means we have every incentive to maximise your rent. The upshot is you receive more gross income than with any other property manager and a truly stress-free property management experience.

Did you know?

Rents don’t always go up! In fact, rents in many major cities have fallen in two of the last five years. Rents can fall for a variety of reasons including due to changes in renter preferences, increased supply, a deterioration in economic conditions or your property simply not being as new as it used to be. Our rent guarantee protects you from all the above.

Our happy clients

Owners and tenants that love their property manager. This is what happens when you do things with Certainty.
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I would like to thank Cameron and Simon and their team, they have been very helpful, professional and honest. I didn't even notice when the tenant had fallen into arrears. The team acts so quickly and paid me the rent on time. It was greatly appreciated

Teck T

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We purchased in a brand-new suburb where rents move around a lot more properties are built. The rent guarantee has really given us confidence that if rents fall, we won’t take a hit to our income.

Cameron R

star rating star rating star rating star rating star rating

Whenever maintenance requests from our tenants have come up the Certainty team have always been right on it. Not only have they been resolved quickly, but the prices their preferred trades have quoted have always been reasonable.

Michael C


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4.8 out of 5 based on 515 reviews

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Common questions we’re asked about our vacancy protection

Tell me more about Rent Certainty?

Rent Certainty is for serious property investors that understand the impact vacancies, arrears and falling rents can have on a property’s return.

Under the traditional agency model, if your property is vacant or your tenant fails to pay the rent, that’s your problem. We don’t think that’s fair. That’s why we’re the only property manager in Australia to offer Rent Certainty.

Do you really top up my rent when rents fall?

Yes. If rents fall below the amount, we have guaranteed we top up the difference. It means we have a strong incentive to get you the highest rent possible.

This is a very different property management proposition provided by most agencies who encourage owners to reduce asking rents to lease properties quickly.

What about rent increases?

We conduct annual rent reviews. When we secure a rent increase, we pass this increase through to you. By topping up rents when they fall and passing through rent increases our clients always receive market rent or better.

What about pricing?

Rent Certainty is distinct from our fixed fee offering of $30 per week known as Fee Certainty. As the extra payments we make to our clients are determined by the value of the property and the risk profile of the property itself our pricing is percentage based.

For example, an owner of a $1,000 per week property would receive twice the amount of additional rent than the owner of a $500 per week property. Percentage based pricing ensures that our fees are charged in accordance with the benefit we provide to our clients and the risk we take.

Why won’t my current property manager top up my rent?

That’s a question you should ask them! Perhaps they don’t back themselves as we do. In our view, talk is cheap. Rather than promising to try our best as other agents do, we have a direct financial incentive to ensure your investment property is managed to the highest possible standard otherwise we put our hands in our own pockets.

Are there any terms I should be aware of?

The full terms of our rent guarantee are detailed in our Management Agreement and Guarantee Annexure. If you’d like to find out more, please click here.

How do I find out more about Rent Certainty?

Rent Certainty is a unique product, and we understand you may have some questions. Simply leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch before close of business.