Frequent and detailed inspections

Inspection reports so detailed it’s like you are at your property yourself

Every inspection is completed with diligence and care to protect your interests

Local property manager

Our team of local agents are specifically trained to conduct thorough incoming, outgoing and routine inspections to the highest standards. We don't outsource any inspections to a third-party or separate team.

Incoming and outgoing inspections

Our priority is ensuring that at the end of a tenancy your property is returned in excellent condition. Our incoming and outgoing inspections have hundreds of pictures and detailed agent comments to ensure your interests are protected.

Routine inspections

Regularly checking the condition of your property during a tenancy is a core part of our role. We conduct at least two inspections a year and can accommodate more upon request. If any issues are identified, we'll work with the tenant to ensure they are remedied.

Our happy clients

Owners and tenants that love their property manager. This is what happens when you do things with Certainty.
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The inspection reports I’ve received have been excellent. With hundreds of pictures and agent comments, I can really get a feel for the state of my property. Fortunately, it’s always been kept in good nick by our tenants.

Helen G

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The Certainty Property team has been an excellent choice. They are extremely professional, communicative and have honoured the rental guarantee when our property became vacant.

Eduardo V

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Working with the team at Certainty Property has been a pleasure from day one. They are very professional, friendly and attentive. I will be strongly recommending them to all my friends and family who need a trustworthy and understanding business to manage their investment properties! Thanks again 🙂

Tarek S


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4.8 out of 5 based on 515 reviews

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Routine questions we’re asked about our property inspections

What makes a great incoming or outgoing inspection report?

Pictures, pictures and more pictures! Our incoming inspection reports often have hundreds of colour pictures as well as detailed comments by the property manager. The inspection report is then provided to the tenant to return and sign so that at the end of the tenancy there is no dispute as to the condition of the property at the commencement of the lease.

We conduct equally thorough outgoing inspection reports. Our expert property managers are specifically trained to ensure that nothing is missed and that there is an objective record of your property at the start and end of the tenancy.

How often do you do routine inspections?

We conduct at least two inspections on your property each year. This ensures we’re in compliance with the relevant laws governing inspections. If there is a reason to do more (such as pre-existing issues to be resolved) we will accommodate.

My current property manager’s inspection reports don’t look like yours?

Many owners only find out how expensive a poorly done inspection report can be when it’s too late. We’ve seen inspection reports without pictures that rely on agent comments only. Some have too few or otherwise unusable pictures as they’re blurry or in grayscale. Owners are left out of pocket when they can’t make a claim from an insurance policy or a tenant’s bond because the inspection report conducted by their property manager is effectively useless.

If this sounds like an inspection report your agent has provided it’s time to switch to a better property management experience. If you’d like to see just how great property management can be please leave your details here and we’ll be in touch by close of business.

How much do you charge for inspections?

Inspections are all included in the flat $30 per week property management fee! We don’t charge for inspections as many property managers do.

How do I switch my property to Certainty Property?

If you’re ready to switch we are ready to give you an exceptional property management experience. Simply leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch before close of business.