Full-service property management with your rent guaranteed.

When your property is vacant we pay the rent!
Does your property manager?

At Certainty Property, we believe that property management could do with a change. That’s why we do property management differently. When your property is vacant or your tenant is in arrears we pay the rent instead. It means our incentives are completely aligned with yours.

Transform your properties into profitable and stress-free investments with Certainty Property – the only property manager that continues to pay the rent from the date your property is vacant until a new tenant is found.

A property manager that gives you Certainty:

Low fee guarantee

We beat any quote

A real rent guarantee

No vacancies, arrears or falling rents

No vacancies

We pay the rent when your property is vacant

No arrears

We pay the rent if your tenant doesn’t

Lock in your rent

Protect yourself against falling rents

The best tenants

Great tenants or we pay

Great technology

Online portal for landlords and tenants

Professional management

We only do property management

What you receive

With Certainty Property managing your investment, you will receive guaranteed fixed rent, zero vacancies and zero arrears. We are the only property manager that pays your rent when your property is empty, when your tenant is in arrears and maintains that rent even when market rent falls.

No vacancies

If you’ve ever experienced the stress of having your property vacant with the mortgage due, you will understand the value of a property manager that pays the rent when your property is vacant. You’ll never worry about lost rental income again.

No arrears

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out a tenant hasn’t paid their rent. For too long property managers have not taken arrears seriously because it isn’t their money. We pay arrears out of our pocket, so arrears are our problem not yours.

No falling rents

The unprecedented level of supply of new properties has seen average rents fall dramatically in many suburbs. The prospect of reduced rental income is confronting for landlords that have expected prices to rise. We top up your rent should rents fall.

Our happy clients

Landlords love Certainty Property and you will too.

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Our rent guarantee


We meant it when we said we do property management differently. From the day your investment property is vacant Certainty Property will continue paying the rent. We’ll also pay the rent if your tenant doesn’t.

Answer just three questions below to find out how much extra rent you could be receiving with Certainty Property as your property manager.

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If you’re ready to upgrade your property management experience we’d love to help you. Switching is simple and we do all the hard work for you.

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