Low fees,

Our $30 per week management fee saves you money and keeps things simple

Property investors love Fee Certainty – here’s why

Lower Fees

89% of investors pay more than $30 per week in property management fees. Instantly improve your return with our fixed fee pricing model.

Transparent pricing

The time a property manager spends on a property isn’t determined by the rent it generates and neither should their fees. Fee Certainty keeps your fees low and fair.

Egoless management

Ever wondered why so many property managers drive flashy cars? They're funded the huge fees they charge you. We are proudly Lexus free.

Our property management has got you covered

Our property management has got you covered

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Routine inspections
Lease preparation
Lease renewal
Online portal for owners
Online portal for tenants
Maintenance and repairs
Monthly administration
EOFY statements

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That's 2 return flights to Bali

*Assumes your current property manager charges a 0.5-week lease renewal fee, a monthly admin fee of $12 and an EOFY statement fee of $49.