Our approach to maximising your rental income

Arguably the most fundamental role of a property manager is to maximise the rental income you receive from your investment property. When you have a property manager focused on putting every possible dollar into your pocket, their fees are more like an investment than an expense.

The overwhelming majority of clients that switch to us from another agency see an increase in the net income they receive with Certainty Property managing their investment. What has perhaps been surprising to us, is that due to our hands on approach to property management it’s been a similar situation for clients that were previously self-managing.

Here are five reasons why clients do better with Certainty Property managing their investment:

  1. Our proprietary approach to leasing

We find the best tenants quickly. Our approach to leasing means that we have some of the lowest vacancy rates in the industry. One way we do this is through platinum ads on the major real estate listing portals.

Depending on the suburb, platinum ads are seen by up to six times as many prospective tenants as standard listings. For most properties, if the property is vacant for three days less than would otherwise be the case, the advertising cost is more than covered.

We also hold at least two inspections a week until your property is leased. This includes a mid-week inspection and a weekend inspection every week until a lease is signed. We also don’t leave anything to chance. As soon as a tenant walks through your property they’ll receive a link to apply via text and email.

Our proactive and considered approach to leasing greatly reduces the time your property is vacant which can mean thousands of dollars more in your pocket than would otherwise be the case.

  1. Our low fees

 Our Fee Certainty management fee is just $30 per week. Almost nine in every ten owners are paying more than in fees than we charge, which means that a change in property manager will likely instantly increase your net income.

The management fee is only one part of the equation. Most property managers charge a host of other fees such as routine inspection fees, admin fees, monthly statement fees, lease preparation fees and lease renewal fees. If you’re paying any of the abovementioned fees it may be time to look at other options.

We’ve created a calculator so you can find out just how much you could save in fees by switching to Certainty Property.

  1. Maximise your tax deductions

 Any bills paid by us on your behalf appear on your end of financial year statement. This includes rates, strata, landlord insurance and utilities. Repairs or alterations to the property are also often tax deductible, with all invoices available to you.

We also strongly encourage our clients to obtain a depreciation report. Our partners will only proceed with a depreciation report where they are sure that the tax savings are greater than the cost of the report. The depreciation benefits are often greatest for new properties, but even older properties can generate significant depreciation deductions.

  1. Our rent guarantee

 Certainty Property offers Australia’s most comprehensive rent guarantee. We call it Rent Certainty and we are the only property manager to offer a rent guarantee that covers vacancies, arrears and falling rents.

When your property is vacant, we step in and pay the rent ourselves. When the tenant is in arrears, we pay the arrears ourselves. Should rents fall below the amount we’ve guaranteed, we top up the difference ourselves.

The idea behind Rent Certainty is that by having skin in the game, we have no choice but to provide the most exceptional experience for owners and tenants alike. For our owners, it means more gross income than would otherwise be the case and a truly stress-free management experience.

  1. Regular rent reviews

Rental markets move frequently and one of the core responsibilities of a property manager is to ensure that you’re getting the highest rent possible. We perform annual rent reviews for all the properties that we manage.

We also use a combination of deep local knowledge and other data from independent providers to suggest rent increases that are fair and in your best interests. By taking a data driven approach tenants are infinitely more receptive to rental increases they consider to reflect present market conditions.

If you would like to have a different property management experience, we would love to show you just how great property management can be. Please leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch before close of business today.