How we keep your tenants happy

Keeping your tenants happy is not just the right thing to do, but it also makes financial sense. Satisfied tenants are much more inclined to renew their lease, ensuring you have less vacancy and don’t have to pay letting or marketing fees to find a new tenant.

Although we do property management differently, our approach to keeping tenants happy is a simple one. Below we spell out our approach to ensuring your tenants love the property they live in.

  1. We are responsive

Responsive communication is important. We give tenants multiple options to communicate with us and make a concerted effort to respond as quickly as practical. The vast majority of requests will receive correspondence and preferably resolution that same business day.

Whilst all tenant requests are important, we triage requests according to urgency to ensure they are responded to most promptly. For example, an issue that could risk damage to person or property, such as a gas leak, naturally takes precedence over a less time sensitive issue.

We’re proactive with lease renewals

Tenants value stability and don’t want to be move at the end of 12-month lease. In the couple of months prior to the end of a lease, tenants will often start to consider whether they want to renew or look elsewhere.

We reach out to tenants approximately 60 – 70 days prior to the end of their lease to understand their intentions. We then liaise with our owners and provide our recommendations as to how to proceed, including what level of rent increase is suitable.

  1. We proactively provide advice 

It’s important that your property is as attractive to renters as possible. This is particularly the case in markets where there is an oversupply of rental properties relative to rental demand, or for apartments where there is often brand new stock that is inherently appealing to a prospective tenant.

It’s important that your property remains modern and appealing, including with features such as air conditioning and heating, and stainless-steel appliances. These don’t need to be cost prohibitive solutions. Quite often a minor initial outlay can result in significantly increased rent.

  1. We promptly action maintenance requests

Over 95% of maintenance requests received by our property managers are reviewed and forwarded to our owners for their approval within the same business day. Once approved, we arrange for our trusted trades to attend and then confirm that the job has been completed.

This proactive approach to maintenance makes a world of difference to tenants, particularly when they consider whether to renew their lease. If there’s one industry where the quote ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ it’s property management.

If your property manager doesn’t seem to be focused on keeping your tenants happy, we’d love to provide you with a different property management experience. Please leave your details here and a member of our team will be in touch before close of business today.