How we find you the best tenants

One of the most important responsibilities of a great property manager is tenant selection. Finding the very best tenants is art as much as it is science. We follow a very clear, repeatable process to ensure we have the best possible tenants for every property we lease.

We also trust our intuition when it comes to tenant selection. This is where our experience as property managers really comes into play. Applicants can look great on paper but sometimes we get a sense that something isn’t quite stacking up or is off, and we dig a little deeper to make sure the tenant is indeed going to be a great fit for your property.

Marketing your property

One of the keys to finding you the highest quality tenants is visibility. The more prospective tenants that see your property and subsequently apply, the more options you have in terms of finding your preferred tenant. Our clients receive platinum advertising on the major listing platforms which means six times as many views compared to standard listings.

Flexible inspections

We conduct at least two open for inspections a week until your property is leased. This includes a mid-week inspection and weekend inspection, so tenants have options that suit their schedules. We also often do inspections outside of normal working hours so prospective tenants can attend after they’ve finished work.

If tenants can’t attend a scheduled open, they are able to advise a time that suits them best and we attempt to accommodate. This is in stark contrast to many property managers who do inspections by appointment only, potentially missing out on a huge pool of prospective tenants.

We don’t leave anything to chance

When a tenant registers to attend an inspection, they receive a reminder before the inspection and are updated with any relevant information as it comes through. When they attend the open for inspection, they receive a link to apply via text and email so applying for your property is at the forefront of their mind.

We’re transparent

 After each inspection you’ll receive a report that advises how many tenants attended, how many are likely to apply and any feedback from the tenants. This proactive approach means you’re constantly updated as to how your leasing campaign is progressing.

Many property managers provide owners with their summary of a tenant’s application rather than the application in full. We take the opposite approach and provide you with applications in full so that you see what we see and can make a fully informed decision.

We conduct our checks

We verify that the tenant can afford the rent and is employed and earning the income that they have advised they do. We have a proprietary matrix that we run all tenants against to ensure they meet our leasing criteria. We also check their previous rental history and run their details against tenant default databases.

As you can tell, we take finding you the very best tenants incredibly seriously. Our commitment to doing property management differently means we don’t leave anything to chance.

If you’d like to discuss how we can deliver an exceptional property management experience please leave your details here and we’ll be in touch before close of business.