Common tactics property managers use to stop you from switching

Over a thousand landlords have made the decision to switch from a sub-standard property manager to Certainty Property. When a client decides to switch, we reach out on their behalf to their previous agent to let them know and ensure a smooth handover.

As you can imagine, our clients have heard an incredible array of supposed reasons why they should stay once the property manager has been informed that they’re voting with their feet. We detail some of the most common we hear and our take on them.

“Your tenants won’t be happy that you’re switching property managers”

We’ve found the opposite to be true in most cases. If your property manager has been delivering you a sub-standard experience it’s likely your tenants have been receiving the same treatment.

A change in property manager is an opportunity to bring things up to scratch within your investment property. When we begin managing your property, we’ll resolve any outstanding maintenance issues and reset the relationship with your tenant.

“You should wait until the lease ends”

If you’ve been having a less than pleasant experience with your property manager, the best time to switch is likely now. A lot happens at the end of a lease. At the same time as finalising the existing lease, you want your property manager marketing and conducting open for inspections to find you your next tenant.

This is a common tactic agents use to retain property managers because they know that on the face of it it’s a reasonable suggestion. However, it’s the worst time for you to switch agents given the disruption it causes to the leasing process.

“There are exit fees associated with terminating the agreement”

Many property managers often put significant notice periods in their agreements. Some of these notice periods can stretch of to three months. Outside of pure self-interest, we struggle to see why an agent would have such coercive terms.

Many legacy property managers forget that they are managing your property. They are there to manage your asset rather than treat a rent roll as their asset. We make sure you don’t bear any costs of switching to Certainty Property (even those billed by the previous agent) so it’s a stress-free transition for you.

“We are the local agent and know the area better than anyone”

This is a common one where the property manager talks about their physical proximity to your property as a substitute for their poor service and lack of value proposition. There is a particular thought process that says one needs to have a retail shopfront on every major street to deliver exceptional service.

We’ve found the opposite to be true. By being solely focused on property management, our levels of service are much higher than most local agents where sales their best staff are moved to the sales department. As a client of Certainty Property your dedicated property manager attends your property in the same way as any other property manager would.

“Certainty Property are an online only agency”

We have a quite a nice website, and our fees are much lower than what you’re probably being charged so we can see where one might get that impression. It’s wrong though. We’re a full-service property manager that does property management differently.

As a Certainty Property client, you receive a dedicated property manager who will provide you with a first-class property management experience.

If you’re looking to switch property managers, we can assist. At Certainty Property we do property management differently. If you want to find out more, please leave your details here and we’ll be in touch by close of business.