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Investing in rooming houses (also known as Class 1B accommodation) is arguably one of the best income generating investments you can make in property. A brand new ‘next generation’ nine-bedroom rooming house can generate upwards of $140,000 per year in gross rent depending on the location.

There are several steps involved in acquiring a rooming house from site acquisition through to the final build and ongoing management. Certainty Property has deep experience in the rooming house sphere and provides an end-to-end solution to ensure that your journey towards rooming house ownership is a stress-free and profitable one.

An investment partner that gives you Certainty:

Free strategy consultation

Evaluate the investment case


Assistance with obtaining finance

Site selection

Finding you the right location

Design evaluation

Picking the best rooming house design

Appointment of builder

Specialist rooming house builders

Compliance and registration

Ensuring everything is done right

Professional management

Management with a rent guarantee

Annual portfolio review

Maximising your investment portfolio


Evaluate the investment case

If you’re considering purchasing a rooming house the first step is to fully understand the investment case and what owning a rooming house involves. In this no-obligation consultation we delve into the return profile of Class 1B accommodation and answer any questions you may have.

  • Free 30-minute strategy consultation
  • Deep dive into rooming house investment profile
  • Personalised action plan


Assistance with obtaining finance

Banks consider different lending criteria when assessing finance applications for Class 1B accommodation. We work with a team of brokers that understand the intricacies of obtaining the finance required to invest in rooming houses and will guide you through the process.

  • Complimentary personalised fact-finding session
  • Access to a wide range of competitive lenders
  • Ongoing support and annual refinancing review


Finding you the right location

Selecting the right site for your rooming house is key to maximising the rental income it generates. We’ll find a site that suits your investment budget whilst ensuring your yield is as high as possible and that is close to amenities such as universities, hospitals and public transport links.

  • Scouting of prospective sites based on your requirements
  • Analysis of various sites and feasibility study of potential locations
  • Comprehensive suburb profiles and local knowledge


Picking the best rooming house design

Rooming houses come in all different shapes and sizes. Selecting a design that makes your Class 1B property visually appealing to prospective tenants will help ensure that you’re attracting the highest quality tenants.

  • Custom or proven rooming house designs
  • Functional and aesthetic design focus
  • Deep relationships with Class 1B builders and architects


Specialist rooming house builders

There are few builders with extensive experience building rooming house accommodation with a track record of completing builds on time and on budget. We have relationships with those that do and will ensure that you incur no unnecessary expenses during the rooming house build.

  • Access to specialist Class 1B builders
  • Negotiating with the builder on your behalf
  • Liaising with the builder to ensure milestones are met


Ensuring everything is done right

Compliance with relevant legislation and maintaining good relationships with local authorities is essential to the smooth operation of your rooming house. We are highly knowledgeable of relevant legislation including the Residential Tenancies Act and Residential Tenancies (Rooming House Standards) Regulations that pertain to Class 1B property.

  • Assistance with rooming house registration
  • Provide representation at Tribunal
  • Compliance with relevant legislation and council regulations


Management with a rent guarantee

Certainty Property is the only rooming house manager that offers a rental guarantee. If your rooming house generates less than 75% of the cashflows that it otherwise would at full occupancy, we will pay the difference ourselves. Our professional approach to rooming house management ensures that owning your rooming house is a stress-free and profitable experience.

  • Guarantees 75% of maximum gross cashflows at full occupancy
  • Industry leading management fee of just 6.9%
  • Experienced and dedicated team


Maximising your investment portfolio

Investing in a rooming house is likely one of the biggest financial commitments you will make. We provide a free annual review to ensure that you are maximising the return on your investment and identify any arears to increase your return.

  • Free annual portfolio review
  • Personalised 12-month action plan
  • Exclusive access to additional rooming house investment opportunities

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