Tell me more about you?

Certainty Property was founded by a group of entrepreneurs that realised property management in Australia needed to change. Unlike traditional property managers, Certainty Property pays the rent when your property is vacant or your tenant is in arrears.

This means that you get continuous, predictable cashflows, and we have a strong financial incentive to provide an exceptional property management experience.

How does your rent guarantee benefit me?

Certainty Property is the only property manager that offers a comprehensive rent guarantee that protects you against vacancies, arrears and falling rents. As a client of Certainty Property, we will:

  • Pay the rent every day that your property is vacant
  • Pay the rent if your tenant falls behind
  • Top up your rent if rents fall

Turn your property into a stress-free and profitable investment with Certainty Property.

Do you really pay the rent when my property is vacant?

Yes. Certainty Property will pay the rent every day your property is vacant. It means you never have to worry about your property being empty again. You can imagine how seriously we take finding a great tenant when we are paying the rent ourselves!

What happens if my tenant falls into arrears?

Property managers love to talk about their arrears management processes and systems. However, if you ask them if they will pay the rent if the tenant doesn’t they will probably laugh at you. Not us. We’ll pay the rent ourselves if your tenant falls behind, so you never have to worry about late payment again.

What do you mean you top up my rent if rents fall?

It’s our job to get you the most rent we possibly can. If rents fall, from one tenant to the next we’ll pay the difference out of our own pocket. If the existing tenant is paying $500 per week and moves out, and the best rent we can achieve is $470 per week, we pay the $30 a week difference ourselves.

Do you pass on rent increases?

Yes. We will review the rent you are receiving every year and seek a rent increase. We will pass any increases through to you.

Do I really need your rent guarantee?

We occasionally hear from landlords that they’ve never really had an issue with vacancy or arrears, especially if they’ve had a long-term tenant. However, the rental market in most cities has changed substantially in the last few years. According to Domain, it takes 37 days on average for a tenant to be found in Sydney, and a similar timeframe in Brisbane and Melbourne.

At any given time one in every ten tenants are behind on their rent. Even tenants that don’t have a history of late payment can find themselves behind due to changes in their circumstances. Although rents have typically risen, falling rents have been a reality in most Australian cities over the last few years.

All landlords receive more rental income with Certainty Property managing their property than with a traditional agent.

Why don’t any other property managers offer a comprehensive rent guarantee?

That’s a question you should ask them! Your local real estate agency probably charges property management fees between 5-8% and takes your business for granted thinking you won’t switch for a better offer, just like the major banks do. The fact that you are reading this means that they are probably wrong.

What is the difference between your rent guarantee and landlord insurance?

Landlord insurance protects you against risks that may happen, such as a tenant damaging your investment property. We always recommend landlord insurance. If you own investment property for an extended period of time, you will almost certainly encounter a period where your property is vacant, your tenant is in arrears, or where rents have dipped.

Landlord insurance policies typically cover rental default, but there is not a single policy that pays the rent when your property is vacant or tops up your rent when rents fall.

What are your fees?

Our full-service property management fee is just 3.9% in New South Wales and Victoria, and 5.9% in Queensland. If you’d like our rental guarantee that covers vacancies, arrears and falling rents, we charge a small premium (which is generally just a few percent) depending on the risk profile of your property.

We do not charge the ancillary fees that most property managers charge, such as monthly admin fees, statement fees and routine inspection fees. We also offer a low-fee guarantee, whereby we will beat any quote from another agency.

What is your low-fee guarantee?

Our full-service property management fee is just 3.9% in New South Wales and Victoria, and 5.9% in Queensland. If you are quoted a lower fee by another property manager but want Certainty Property managing your investment property, we’ll beat that quote. This means you’ll never pay more to have Certainty Property managing your property.

What areas do you cover?

We service New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and are licensed in all of the abovementioned states.

Is switching easy?

If you’d to upgrade your property management experience, have a chat to us via the online chat or leave your details here.