We do the work. You do the dancing.

There’s little doubt that property management in Australia is due for a change. For too long, property management has been been the ‘poor cousin’ of real estate, whereby new agents would cut their teeth before moving into sales. Unfortunately, this apathy has resulted in an underwhelming experience for investors and is particularly disappointing given that for most people, an investment property is one of their greatest assets. That’s why the team at Certainty Property take an entirely different approach to property management.

When you’re a client of Certainty Property and your property is empty or your tenant is in arrears, we pay the rent instead. Our rental guarantee is bullet proof, unlike other property managers with a so called ‘guarantee’ that only covers vacancies. This is particularly important as vacancies continue to increase across Sydney. We offer this rent guarantee because we believe that as property managers our interests should be totally aligned with yours. As we pay the rent out of our own pockets when your property is empty, we have a strong incentive to make sure that we are promptly finding you the best tenant that we can. Given that we also pay should a tenant fall into arrears, we also have a strong incentive to ensure that the tenant has the ability to pay.

If you feel that your property manager could do with an upgrade, please give us a call on 1300 577 298 or reach out to cameron@certaintyproperty.com.au