Understanding The Certainty Property Difference

For most people, purchasing an investment property is the biggest financial commitment of their lives. Not only does purchasing a property require a huge financial outlay (and usually debt), but it’s an asset that requires careful attention for the decades you potentially own it. Just as a great real estate agent can make all the difference to the sale price of a property, a great property manager has a huge impact on the total rental income a property generates.

A property manager’s responsibilities include ensuring a property is tenanted, that rent is paid on time, and being an effective middle-man between the landlord and tenant when issues arise such as property maintenance or repairs. Unfortunately, when a property manager fails at those tasks, it is typically the landlord who suffers. They may miss several months of rent, or be up for costly repairs that could have been avoided if they were identified earlier.

Certainty Property operates differently – our incentives are completely aligned with yours. All properties managed by Certainty Property enjoy Rent Certainty. Certainty Property will pay an agreed rent, regardless of whether the property is tenanted or rent is an arrears. This agreed rent will continue to be paid even if market rent falls, subject to the Property Management Agreement.

If you’d like to discuss how Certainty Property can help you fall in love with your property manager again, feel free to give us a call on 1300 577 298 or send an email to simon@certaintyproperty.com.au