Certainty Property does property management differently.

At Certainty Property, we’re the only property manager that pays the rent for every day your property is vacant or your tenant is in arrears.

Use our extra rent calculator below to find out how much extra rent you could be getting with Certainty Property as your property manager.

Do you have multiple investment properties?

At Certainty Property we understand that those with a substantial portfolio require a property manager that understands the complexities of managing multiple cashflows. Certainty Property’s Investment Director Simon Peisley has extensive experience pricing complex financial derivatives for major financial institutions. It’s this comprehensive risk management experience that allows Certainty Property to offer a rent guarantee that covers vacancies, arrears and market fluctuations in rent.

If you have multiple properties in your portfolio and are tired of having your portfolio managed by inexperienced property managers that aren’t getting you the best results, then it’s time to contact Certainty Property and upgrade your property management experience. We are the only property manager that will pay your rent from the date your property is vacant until a tenant is found.

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