NSW Labor Proposes Ending ‘No Grounds Eviction’ In War On Landlords

The ‘No Grounds Eviction’ is once again on the agenda with the State Labor Party promising to remove it from the Act within their first 100 days in Government. Certainty Property believe it is important that NSW landlords and investors are aware of these changes.

Under NSW Labor, it is proposed that landlords in NSW will no longer be able to evict tenants from their properties without providing a reason, effectively abolishing ‘no grounds evictions’. Currently, property owners can end a tenancy with 90 days notice once the tenancy agreement has expired without giving a reason. Labor’s proposal will see landlords be required to provide grounds for termination from a prescribed list of possible reasons.

Many landlords are understandably of the view that they should be able to deal with their property and make decisions regarding it as they see fit. Like other Australian’s, landlords and property investors have a right to privacy and should not be expected to disclose circumstances of divorce, illness, redundancy, financial difficulties, etc. In contrast, there is no suggestion that a tenant should be made to give a reason for terminating a lease.

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