How to lease your property over Christmas

Leasing your property over the holiday period presents a unique set of challenges for those landlords with a tenant vacating between mid-December and mid-January. It’s no secret that the rental market softens during the pointy end of the year as prospective tenants delay their search for a new home until after Christmas and New Years.

This issue is compounded by the fact that a lot of trades, cleaners and real estate agencies shut down over the holiday period as well. The upshot of all of this is that landlords risk their property sitting vacant for several weeks over Christmas. Unfortunately, this is often at a time when the cashflow is needed the most as expenses increase over Christmas.

However, there are a few strategies that you can utilise to minimise any vacancy period resulting from an unfortunate lease end date.

Talk to your property manager

I could imagine nothing more frustrating than contacting your property manager only to receive an out of office response advising that they’ll be back in the office sometime in January, right when you need them the most. It’s well worth planning ahead to understand their game plan over the holiday period, and if they will be away knowing who will be your point of contact. At Certainty Property, we’re working through the holiday break to ensure our clients receive the best outcome for their property.

See if your tenants are happy to extend their lease

It’s likely your tenants aren’t too keen on moving over Christmas either. They’re likely going to find it more difficult to secure cleaners, removalists and any other services they need to move out smoothly. It might be in both your interests to offer some incentive for them to extend their lease until after the holiday period ends.

Have your property manager pay the rent instead

Certainty Property is the only property manager that offers our clients a rent guarantee that covers vacancies, arrears and falling rents. Our clients don’t have to worry about their properties being vacant over the Christmas period as we pay the rent ourselves every day that your property is vacant.

If you would to have your investment property managed by a property manager that pays your rent over Christmas, send us a message via our online chat or give us a call on 1300 577 298.